Top 10 KERASTASE Favorites

BAIN CHROMA CAPTIVE Kérastase’s sulfate-free shampoo that preserves color depth and shine and offers UV protection to prevent fading. This is a gentle formula that should be used a few times a week to protect against your color fading.

MASQUINTENSE FINE A hydrating masque that doesn’t weigh down your long hair. It leaves the hair silky smooth without that unwanted slippage you can get from heavier masques.

INITIALISTE If you’re looking to improve the overall condition of the hair at home, Kérastase’s Initialiste scalp and hair treatment enhances shine and softness while maximizing the potential length of your hair by preventing breakage through the strengthening of the hair fiber from the inside. This scalp and hair serum works similar to a skin serum by rebalancing the scalp. It’s like a super serum for your scalp!

ELIXIR ULTIME ORIGINAL OIL Newly repackaged the iconic hair oil is now in a gorgeous glass bottle. Everyone goes crazy for this multi-tasking superstar. This oil can be used in your daily routine whenever you want to air dry at home—just spray into the hair and scrunch. It will keep your hair smooth, shiny and tame!

KERATINE THERMIQUE You can get a smooth blowout look at home using Kérastase’s Keratine Thermique. It’s a thermo-protective blowdry primer that protects strands against 450°F from heat tools as well as smooths the hair’s fiber. Just apply a small amount of the product into your palms and distribute throughout your hair before blow drying to protect against heat and humidity.

NECTAR THERMIQUE Looking for hydration? Check out Kérastase’s best-selling Nectar Thermique. This leave-in milk is a thermo-protective blowdry primer that protects strands against 450°F from heat tools as well as adds lightweight moisture to your at-home blowout. Not only does it offer heat protection and re-hydration it also smooths away roughness.

CIMENT THERMIQUE Kérastase has a heat-activated blowdry primer that not only protects, but also strengthens and smooths away split ends and cracks that are common from using heat tools.

V.I.P. Texturizing spray from Kérastase that doesn’t leave the hair looking overly styled. Instead it adds subtle texture and extends a blowout for multiple days. Kérastase’s V.I.P. can be used on the go to add body, volume and reshapable hold to any style while offering the grease prevention of a dry shampoo.

MOUSSE BOUFFANTE Kérastase’s unique mousse that will actually add an extra day or two to your blowout without weighing your hair down. This lightweight mousse adds volume and doesn’t leave the hair crunchy like other mousse formulas.

LAQUE NOIRE The perfect finisher for any style—adding strong hold and humidity protection while leaving a soft finish. Perfect for Hawaii!

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